PARKING on pavements is a major bugbear for residents in Reading.

The Reading Chronicle has been asking readers to send in their examples of bad parking throughout 2021 which can be seen in neighbourhoods and busy roads across the county.

And new laws could be introduced this month as part of a nationwide ban on parking on pavements.

The law change could be coming into place to maximise safety of journeys of disabled and visually impaired pedestrians.

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Rule 244 of the Highway Code states, “You must not park partially or wholly on the pavement in London, and should not do so elsewhere unless signs permit it.”

If the rest of the UK also follows the same rules as London, which already has a pavement parking ban, then parking on grass verges and ramps linking private property to roads will also be prohibited.

We’ve received dozens of photos from readers.

Reading Chronicle:

This car blocks the road every day, according to one reader 

Reading Chronicle:

This car was spotted parked on the pavement in Fords Farm, Reading.

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