AN artist has claimed that they created the Banksy-style graffiti of a rat underneath Reading Bridge.

Somebody with the name Gabr has been in touch with the Chronicle to reveal they created the rat graffiti which appeared in the town last month.

The image shows a rat with a red rope around its neck and above it the word 'art?' is written in red.

Gabr explained they created the piece underneath Reading Bridge.

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They said: "My intention was not for me to claim the piece or self publicise but to ask the question what is art?

"With all the art that has been popping up over the last couple of weeks I thought I should respond to the Banksy piece.

"It was not intended as a slight of Banksy or his methods as I think that it is the meaning, purpose and idea of his work that gives it weight.

"I wanted to ask the question with what graffiti or street art actually is. Is it art? Or is it pointless vandalism?"

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They added: "I personally feel that Reading as a town and England in general has a lot of talent that has not been discovered and the government should try its best to fund the arts as best they can, especially with everything that has been going on in this country.

"It is important for people to have a creative outlet."

Graffiti has been popping up across the town since Banksy confirmed he created the mural on the side of Reading Gaol.

The piece showed a prisoner escaping the prison using a rope made of bedsheets tied to a typewriter.