BANKSY'S latest Reading prison mural has been vandalised with the name of another street artist.

Earlier this month, Banksy's work was discovered on the wall of Reading Prison depicting Oscar Wilde escaping with a typewriter.

However the street artists mural has been defaced with red paint covering the typewriter.

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Underneath the mural, the words 'Team Robbo' are sprayed over in red colouring.

Reading Chronicle:

The name Robbo eludes to Street Artist King Robbo who was described as Banksy's 'opponent'.

In 2011, Channel 4 aired a documentary called Graffiti Wars where Banksy and King Robbo became the subject of after painting over each other's artworks.

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Robbo died in 2014.


King Robbo tagged trains in London in the 1980s after the practice became popular in New York, though he became less active in the 90s.

According to the BBC, Robbo's feud with Banksy began in 2009 when the Bristol-based artist painted over one of his tags next to Regent's Canal in Camden, which dated from 1985.

In retaliation, he painted his name over Banksy's artwork - an image of a painter and decorator hanging wallpaper over Robbo's original tag.

The street war continued and the pair painted over each other's work numerous times.

The wall has since been defaced again, with the typewriter obscured by red paint. Below the artwork, the words “Team Robbo” are scrawled in large red lettering.