An anonymous street artist leaving murals on the walls of houses could end up netting you a small fortune, property experts have explained.

A surprise piece of art appeared on the wall of Reading Prison yesterday (March 1) resembling a lot like Banksy's artwork.

The piece depicts a prisoner escaping Reading Gaol carrying a typewriter, which could be the famous Oscar Wilde who was incarcerated for being gay.

Reading Chronicle:

It is yet to be confirmed whether Banksy did do the painting or not, even though one expert definitely thinks so.

But Banksy's style of paintings comes with a sense of meaning that's often 'known for delivering impactful political messages', explains craft specialists

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 The artists work has led to some of the biggest increase in property sale prices too.

Last year, Banksy's mural ‘Hula-Hooping Girl’ on Rothesay Ave, Nottingham sold for £2,684,580, (1401 per cent) more compared to surrounding areas.

The average price for a property here is £178,800.

lover, credit: Federico Zovadelli / Shutterstock

lover, credit: Federico Zovadelli / Shutterstock

The ‘Well Hung Lover’ piece on a home on Frogmore Street sold £1,281,666 more than those in nearby streets.

The comical mural has contributed to the appreciation of property value on Frogmore Street by 320%. Properties on Frogmore Street sell for an average of £1,281,666, which is £976,577 more than the average sale price (£305,089) of properties in the same postcode area.

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Image credit: David Fowler / Shutterstock

Image credit: David Fowler / Shutterstock

The ‘Tesco Sandcastle’ mural in Hastings ranks third. The symbolic mural has rocketed the value of properties on Pelham Place by 170 per cent.

Properties on the beach facing the street typically get sold for £800,000, which is almost three times more than the average property sale price of £296,653 in the surrounding areas.

From all the Banksy’s analysed in the research, the presence of a Banksy can propel the value of properties on a street by 100 per cent.

In light of the recent artwork appearing in Reading, surveyed 2,212 homeowners to get their opinions on street murals.

81 per cent of homeowners would like to have eye-catching murals on their street.

Interestingly, 63 per cent of homeowners would rather have nice murals on their road than a local convenience store or local coffee shop.