UNFORTUNATELY, bike thefts are a common crime in Reading and many other towns.

Although there are many bicycle locking facilities around the town, thieves often find a way to take them.

Using the latest police statistics (December 2020), we have been able to show where the recent thefts have taken place in the town, and how many there were.

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Below, we have mapped the areas that have seen bike thefts in the most recent month available - December 2020.

Details appear when an incident is clicked on.

During this period, 20 bike thefts were reported throughout Reading.

A few instances which cannot be shown on the map includes one case of a bike theft near an unidentified supermarket, and one was near an unidentified parking area.

Bike theft map

Bike theft map

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The map is populated with data submitted by local forces.

Please note that not all crimes that occurred can be shown on the map - 8 incidents of bicycle theft occurred in this time which Thames Valley Police could not be map to a location and therefore not include in the graphic.