FOLLOWING the vast amount of support for the latest graffiti artwork pieces sprayed in Woodley, The Chronicle decided to speak to one of the artists who works in the area.

Last week, many residents of Woodley and its surrounding areas were clamouring support for the spray-painted artwork made on the underpass beside Loddon Bridge, Woodley, and looking for the 'mystery' artist making the pieces.

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Although many artists operate in the underpass area, one of the artists, who wished to be referred to by his username "Dark13__", spoke to us on the artwork he and many artists like him create at the site, why they do it, and how they feel about the community's response.

'Dark13__' said: "I've been making graffiti art since I was a teenager.

Reading Chronicle:

Artwork made and photographed by Dark13__

"I've always had an artistic streak and I've always really enjoyed it - I'm just that way inclined.

"Personally I love it. whenever I go to Loddon Bridge, it takes a lot of time to do the artwork, so you get a lot of the public walking past around that time and they're always complimentary.

"You get a lot of families walking past and coming in with small kids and they always love it - it's generally received pretty well.

"I don't do anything illegal at all - I've checked with the council, and police drop by on occasion to come have a look and they've been fine with it.

Artwork made and photographed by Dark13__

Artwork made and photographed by Dark13__

"In all honesty whenever people walk past I always wave and say hello, and it's usually always reciprocated.

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"I know a lot of the people that go there, and they're all proper artists - it's never any rubbish or any obscenities that could be offensive.

"We [the artists] like to think its tastefully done, and there's a lot of hard work that goes towards it.

Artwork made and photographed by Dark13__

Artwork made and photographed by Dark13__

"Generally all the artists there take a lot of pride in their work, and they want the outcome to be something that people enjoy.

"We think people would rather that [the art] than a blank concrete pillar that could potentially be seen as boring and unsightly."

To see more of Dark13__'s artwork, visit