WOODLEY residents have been inquiring online over the creator of the latest graffiti art pieces prayed underneath the A329 overpass.

The pieces have received a warm reception from residents, with some being called “amazing” by onlookers.

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One resident went so far to say, commenting on the pictures on Facebook: “This is beautiful - whoever did this please private message me if you can, I’d be interested in getting a wall done.”

John Willatts, Woodley resident, said: "I love them. I often drive down Loddon road and it really brightens up the area.

"Instead of being a grey underpass, it has got some amazing artwork.

Graffitti mural painted by mystery artist. Pic taken by John Willatts

Graffitti mural painted by mystery artist. Pic taken by John Willatts

"I've got two young kids that both enjoy going over there so sometime we take a walk and admire all the lovely art there."

Graffiti art has been sprayed at the underpass in Woodley for many years now and different piece going up has become a common sight in the area.

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Mr Willatts added: "there's some pieces that are almost like fine art, and they tend to be left there for a little longer until someone takes over it, which is fine because people move on.

"If everything stayed the same we wouldn't have any new art.

"There's a limited space there for people to do their art and its good to see something new and interesting to look at."

It is believed that a number of artists have contributed to the space, however no specific artists have come forward as of yet.

Did you spray these paintings? Let us know who you are by emailing Leon.riccio@newsquest.co.uk.