Reading has recorded more than 1,000 cases in just one week for the first time in the pandemic, as the spike in cases continues.

Friday’s Covid statistics covering December 27 to January 2 saw cases in a single week hit 1,036  in Reading, with a rate of 640 per 100,000 people.

Reading Chronicle: Daily cases graphDaily cases graph

In the latest week with full data – December 31 to January 6 – there were 1,148 positive cases, with a rate of 709.6 per 100,000.

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Cases have been rising since the beginning of December, with a sharp increase since Christmas.

Reading Chronicle: Weekly case rate graphWeekly case rate graph

Here is how the number of Covid cases and the rate of infection has changed since the beginning of December 2020 until January 5, the last date with full data.

How the cases changed over the last four weeks

In the first week of December (1-7), there were 306 cases and a rate of 189.

By the following week (December 8-14), this had jumped up to 473 cases, with a rate of 293.

A week later, in the build up to Christmas (December 15-21), there were 776 cases and a rate of 480.

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In the week of Christmas (December 22-28), there were 738 cases, with a rate of 456, suggesting a levelling off.

But in the following week (December 29-January 4), cases had soared to 1,166 and a rate of 721.