AS the town enters its second week of the third national lockdown, we have rounded up the latest case numbers to show the worst affected areas in Reading.

Once a spread of different colours, the Government's Covid-19 map now shows almost the whole of Berkshire as a sea of purple, indicating that the rolling rate for each postcode is above 400, with most postcode areas around the 650 mark.

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The most severe locations are represented in the map in a darker purple, which show places with a rate of above 800.

The map's latest figures show the seven-day rolling rate up to January 5.

These are the six areas in the town which are currently shown as a dark purple, severely high-case location:

Norcot South

Total: 83 cases during the week

Difference: Increase of 47 from previous week

Rate: 909.7


Total: 102 cases during the week

Difference: Increase of 56 from previous week

Rate: 1,180.4

Kennet Island and Green Park

Total: 126 cases during the week

Difference: Increase of 32 from previous week

Rate: 1,109

Whitley Wood

Total: 88 cases during the week

Difference: Increase of 23 from previous week

Rate: 1,235.6

Caversham Emmer Green

Total: 66 cases during the week

Difference: Increase of 41 from previous week

Rate: 891.4

Woodley East

Total: 68 cases during the week

Difference: Increase of 45 from previous week

Rate: 866.1

To view the map and check your area, click here

Vaccinations against coronavirus are to be ramped up as mass injection centres open but pleas have been made to the public to stick to the lockdown rules to prevent avoidable deaths.

All four nations of the UK are facing dire warnings, with high levels of infection and hospitals struggling under the strain.

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Health Secretary Matt Hancock has warned that when it comes to the current measures "every flexibility can be fatal".

His words followed those of England's Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty who said the only way to prevent avoidable deaths is to stay at home wherever possible as the NHS faces the "most dangerous situation" in living memory.