ALMOST 600 crimes were reported throughout central Reading last month, police figures show.

A total of 593 crimes were reported in the area from between Norcot to Newtown throughout September.

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The majority of these took place in the main town centre, with 113 crimes reportedly taking place in the vicinity of The Oracle shopping centre.

Reading Chronicle:

Overall, the most common crime reported was violence and sexual offences, which made up 160 of the total amount of crimes.

Shoplifting was the second most common, with 64 incidents reported, while public order offences saw 59 cases and anti-social behaviour saw 57.

Town centre

In the town centre up towards The Oracle, 113 crimes were reported in September.

Shoplifting: 41

Violence and sexual assault: 19

Bicycle theft: 14

Other: 39

Broad Street Mall

On the other side of the main town, 48 crimes were reported in the same periodfrom the shopping centre up to Baker Street.

Violence and sexual offences: 16

Antisocial behaviour: 8

Bicycle theft: 6

Other: 7

Reading Station

In Reading Station and the surrounding area, 31 crimes were reported throughout September.

Bicycle theft: 10

Public order: 6

Shoplifting: 5

Other: 10

Oxford Road

A total of 106 crimes were reported in or around Oxford Road.

Violence and sexual offences: 26

Antisocial behaviour: 23

Public order: 12

Other: 45

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Reading Chronicle:

Crimes reported in Central Reading throughout September