IF you have a sweet tooth and enjoy tucking into classics such as lemon bon-bons and cola cubes, then your life is about to get a whole lot better.

A new sweet shop is due to open in Reading this month and will sell an array of sweets from modern American style sweets like Nerds and Jolly Ranchers to the best British retro classics like lemon bon-bons.

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Mr Simms Sweet Shop, part of a franchise, will be opening on August 20 and will be on Broad Street inbetween KFC and the Halifax bank.

Babar Butt and his partner Hamayoon Butt are joint owners of the new shop and have been with Mr Simms for two years having opened two other shops in Basingstoke and Guildford in 2017.

Babar said: “At Mr Simms, you can buy everyone's all-time favourites all of the time and discover some new favourites whilst you're at it!

“We're renowned for our product range - it's just mind-blowing!”

The shop will sell items such as sherbet pips and mint humbugs as well as sugar mice and chocolate jazzies.

Babar added: “We're also one of the few places in the world that still stock the original style Pontefract cakes and we have an exclusive on the super sour Black Death pips. Do you dare?”

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He explained the shop’s two most popular features are the Pick’N’Mix counter and the ‘Wonderful Wall of Sweets’ – the latter of which showcases more than 300 traditional style sweetie jars.

He said: “Although we sell sweets from around the world, our heart firmly belongs to Britain so we do have a special focus on the best of British all-time favourites and we love to support our home-grown manufacturers - some of whom have been using the same recipes for over 100 years!”

The shop will have safety measures in place such as signs in the window reminding people to wear masks, a sanitising station by the door, floor stickers marking out social distancing and screens by the till.

Staff will also regularly wash their hands and a cleaning routine will be put in place.

Babar said he is “really excited” to be opening the new shop and is “looking forward to serving my new community in Reading, getting to know my regulars and just being a part of it all really”.

He added: “We pride ourselves on having something for everyone and we'd love to make your life a little sweeter if we can!”