A TEENAGER who flew abroad for potentially life-saving cancer treatment is due to return to Mexico today (August 5) to see if the treatment has worked.

Charlie Ilsley, 13, travelled to Mexico with his mum Toni and dad Mark on June 17 for Immunotherapy.

The teenager from Emmer Green was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, the most high-grade brain tumour found in children when he was eight years old.

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He has undergone countless operations and even more hospital trips since to help rid him of this cancer.

Charlie finished his treatment in Mexico on July 10 and returned home to England on July 16 where he has been self isolating.

Toni, her 31-year-old daughter Jess and Charlie are due to fly back out to Mexico today where Charlie will have another scan to see if the treatment has worked.

Toni explained there are no direct flights so they will be landing in Madrid, Spain, for two hours before travelling onto Mexico from there.

Before Charlie returned to England, he had an MRI scan and Toni said the “results were really amazing”.

Speaking at the time, she said the doctor treating Charlie “can’t compare exactly because Charlie didn’t have a scan just before treatment, but the cancer has not grown”.

The doctor treating Charlie has said if the next scan results do not show what he wants, he can also give him another drug.

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Speaking about her son's upcoming MRI scan, Toni said: "I'm scared about the MRI.

"I wish he didn't have to have one but at least we have another drug we can add if the MRI is not looking good.

"But I'm hoping it's working."

The family will be staying in Mexico for six days before flying back home and still need to raise money to cover the trip's costs.

The Chronicle has launched a campaign to help support the families efforts.

If you would like to support the Chronicle’s campaign and help raise money for Charlie’s treatment visit the Facebook page ‘URGENT APPEAL! Charlie’s chance to kick cancer’ or click here.