THIS resident has had the idea to create a memorial to the late PC Andrew Harper for Woodley, with the idea proving to be highly popular on social media recently.

Jacqueline Kendrick-Harley, a resident of Woodley for the past 37 years, posted the idea to to make a memorial for the police officer on Facebook, on August 2.

PC Andrew Harper, aged 28 at the time of his death, was killed on duty last August near Sulhamstead, West Berkshire.

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The three men found guilty of his manslaughter were sentenced on July 31, however the Attorney General's Office confirmed that it had received a request to review the sentences on August 4.

Ms Kendrick-Harley, aged 49, said: "Loss of life is always terrible, but for this to have happened to a public servant - for just trying to protect property, just 'brings home' what type of job the police do.

"It really is a purely tragic story all round.

"The whole story has touched a lot of people and with lockdown, I feel that people are actually realising how important family, friends and all our public servants are. This has truly touched a lot of hearts."

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The proposition of the memorial has proven popular with residents in Woodley, with comments on her post showing support for such an idea.

She added: "My cousin owns a stone masons in Wales and he has said that he is happy to create something for the people of Woodley.

"I have contacted Cllr Keith Baker and he has messaged me to say if I can come up with something he will speak to the Woodley Town Council.

"Depending on size, they could look to place this in the Woodley Community Garden.

"I will get ideas of design from my cousin this week."