THE mother of a teenager who flew to Mexico for potentially life-saving cancer treatment has spoken about her “amazing supporters” who have helped her son get to where he is today.

Charlie Ilsley, 13, was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, the most high-grade brain tumour found in children when he was eight years old.

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He has undergone countless operations and even more hospital trips since to help rid him of this cancer.

In June, he travelled to Mexico with his mum Toni and dad Mark for Immunotherapy treatment which Toni hoped would be the “third time lucky” for her son.

The family is now back home in Emmer Green self isolating.

Toni explained Charlie has been “catching up with his friends on Facebook” and recovering from jetlag.

She added: “He’s been keeping himself busy making cakes, playing on his Xbox and training Ernie his puppy.”

Toni, her 31-year-old daughter Jess and Charlie will be returning to Mexico at the beginning of August so Charlie can have another scan to see if treatment has worked.

For the family to return, they need to raise thousands of pounds to cover the costs of the scan, hotel and flights.

Toni said there are no direct flights to Mexico and so they will need to fly to Spain first.

The doctor treating Charlie has said if the scan results do not show what he wants, he can also give him another drug and so the family needs to continue fundraising.

Toni explained: “It’s really important that the donations keep coming in.

“We need to get this scan done and get the results then we know if we need the additional drug or not.”

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Toni is hoping after this trip they will not have to return until Christmas and that will be the last time.

Since being home, Toni said she received a call from Charlie’s oncologist at the John Radcliffe Hospital who said she was “an amazing woman”.

She said: “But really I’m not.

“I’m just a mum that loves her son but I do have amazing supporters that donate and help and have got Charlie to where he is today.”

She also sent a special thanks to Claire who “tirelessly fundraises” for Charlie.

Claire has been helping to raise money for Charlie’s treatment since she saw his plight on Channel 4’s Celebrity Bake Off.

The Chronicle has launched a campaign to help support the families efforts.

If you would like to support the Chronicle’s campaign and help raise money for Charlie’s treatment visit the Facebook page ‘URGENT APPEAL! Charlie’s chance to kick cancer’ or click here.