The UK is to bask in a 'mini-heatwave' this week with temperatures set to be hotter than Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

Some areas will reach as high as 28C, as the nation is set to see bright skies and warm sunshine.

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Here’s this week’s weather forecast.

Tuesday (28 July) is set to be cool and showery in northwestern parts of the UK, but largely dry further southeast with only isolated showers.

There will be persistent heavy rain and gales, locally severe, continuing for northern Scotland.

Most places are set to be dry on Wednesday (July 29), with lighter winds, the Met Office forecast explains.

It will be bright for many on Thursday (July 30), but rain may reach northwestern areas.

When will temperatures soar?

Friday (July 31) is set to see temperatures as high as 28C in some parts of the UK, with bright sunshine throughout the day for many.

The Met Office said: “Friday, sunny and very warm, perhaps hot, though with thundery showers possible later.”

Edinburgh will see temperatures of 23C on Friday, accompanied by sunny intervals, whereas Belfast will see 22C and sunshine throughout most of the day.

London will reach 28C, with bright skies throughout the day, with Yorkshire seeing similarly bright skies and a high of 27C in some areas.

The North East of England is forecast bright sunshine and a temperature of 22C, with the North West set to see temperatures of 26C and continuous sunshine throughout the day in most areas.

What will the weather be like this weekend?

Temperatures will still be warm in most areas over the weekend, although they’ll see a slight drop from Friday.

The Met Office said: “A brief very warm spell is likely for many areas at the end of this week with a good deal of sunshine, although increasing cloud may bring rain to the northwest. It may become hot in southeastern areas.”

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Saturday (August 1) will be the brightest of the two days over the weekend, with many parts of the UK set to see sunny intervals throughout the day.

Sunday may be cloudier in some parts, with some areas set to see light showers.