THE last three months being stuck in lockdown means people have turned to a good old takeaway to support their local businesses.

Whether it's your regular Indian takeaway, Chinese or a pizza, it appears this particular takeaway is the most popular and preferred treat during lockdown.

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Takeaway delivery platform Foodhub has revealed which takeaway has doubled in popularity since the coronavirus lockdown began.

There was a 208 per cent uplift in fish and chips orders since lockdown as uncertainty called for familiar at home comfort food.

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Philip Mostyn, Foodhub spokesperson, said: “For many of us, takeaways have provided us small moments of joy and a break from the monotony we’re all experiencing in lockdown. It’s interesting to see how, as a nation, we’re turning to the old favourites and seeking comfort in familiar nostalgic foods, such as Fish ‘n’ Chips.”

The second choice is a quarter pounder burger, up by 158 per cent and Donner Kebabs a 156 per cent.

Other takeaway food includes chicken nuggets, up by 146 per cent, sausage and chips (152 per cent) chicken burgers at 147 per cent and garlic bread at 148 per cent.

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Here's the Top 10

1. Fish n Chips (up 208%)

2. Quarter Pounder Burgers (up 158%)

3. Donner Kebabs (up 156%)

4. Sausage and Chips (up 152%)

5. Garlic Bread (up 148%)

6. Chicken Burgers (up 147%)

7. Chicken Nuggets (up 146%)

8. Cheesecake (up 129%)

9. Pizza (up 115%)

10. Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream (up 113%)

Overall, orders through Foodhub have increased over 50 per cent since lockdown.