GONE are the days of texting your friends to go for a 'cheeky Nando's' since the lockdown started almost three months ago.

Heading to our nearest Nando's and ordering a classic butterfly chicken or whole chicken seemed like such a distance memory but soon enough we'll be able to get our hands on the Peri Peri delight.

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As a lot of us love to satisfy our Nando's craving, we've dished out the best rated restaurants in Berkshire so you can make those plans in the diary.

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We looked at the ratings on Tripadvisor to find the best reviewed Nandos across Reading, Newbury, Bracknell, Wokingham and Slough.

Nando's The Oracle - 3.5 stars

Reading Chronicle:

Nando's located in the Riverside in The Oracle has been reviewed 367 times and comes above the Nando's in Friar Street and The Gateway.

It's rated as 'excellent' for food and service although do expect it to be really busy at peak times on the weekends.

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One person said in March: "Cannot highlight a flaw in our visit to Nando’s by The Oracle. We experienced swift table service, well-prepared hot food and nothing was awry in the order or the overall quality. We also got seated straightaway in a booth."

Nando's Friar Street - Reading - 3.5 stars

Reading Chronicle:

The service has been rated as 'very good' and reviewers have rated the food as 'delicious'.

Some people can have bad experiences of Nando's but when people last visited the restaurant in March people said the food is cooked fast and it's super tasty.

One person said: "Really simple, straightforward, brilliant service. Easy to order. Easy to eat. Welcoming staff. Enough said. Keep up the hard work! The butterfly burger always tickles my fancy after a long and arduous day. Central location for convenience."

Nando's Gateway

Reading Chronicle:

To be fair to them, there isn't enough reviews on Tripadvisor yet as they only opened this year, just before lockdown started.

However, there are two reviews which aren't promising.

One person said: "20 minute wait on a Friday lunchtime when the restaurant was half empty?" Another added: "Visited this restaurant with my sister and family very disappointed, couldn't believe my chicken in the ciabatta was chicken leg it was like slop on my plate, complained but the waiter wasn't interested, the rest of the family's meals were just OK."

Nando's Wokingham - 3.5 stars

Reading Chronicle:


The food has been rated as 'very good' last time people visited before the lockdown.

One person said their meal was 'disappointing' as their meal was too small but another said: "I have eaten in this Nandos since it open always great food and service. You can always have banter with staff to me this is the best Nandos about."

Another added: "I've been to sooooo many Nando's restaurants over the years and this happens to be my local one. It's had it's up's and downs over the years but my recent visit was 5 stars!"

Nando's Bracknell - 3.5 stars

Reading Chronicle:

The Lexicon Bracknell Nando's has been rated as 'excellent' with 88 reviews on Tripadvisor.

It's convenient as a pre-dinner restaurant before the cinema becauase of its 'quick service' and location for parking.

One person said: "i have been to Been to many nando's and this one definitely did not disappoint, great food and great location."

Nando's Windsor - 4 stars

Reading Chronicle:

This Nando's restaurant in Windsor has been rated as the 'bes' chain in Berkshire. It has 286 reviews on Tripadvisor all of which rate the food and service as very good or excellent.

People in Berkshire love this Nando's and it's fair to say people living in Maidenhead and Slough would drive to Windsor any day for this one.

One person said: "Great family restaurant serving peri peri chicken plus a variety of sides. The Windsor branch is conveniently located on Thames Street directly opposite the castle so easy to find. Good value as always with a meal, two sides, and a drink setting you back around."

Another review in February 2020 said: "Always a favourite of ours. Good food, lovely staff and quick service. Food is good quality and hot."

Slough Nando's - 3 stars

Reading Chronicle:

The restaurant has been rated as very good for its meals but the service is pretty poor.

One person said; "We were the only customers due to CoronaVirus, and we weren’t even given 1 extra chip! Atleast show some appreciation for your only customers that afternoon and go the extra mile."

Another added: "A big fan of Nandos.we come here or the other one in Slough high street at least 3 times a month. Although its all about Chicken I actually prefer the Prego Steak roll, the roll is tasty and the roulette wings are a favourite too."

Newbury Nando's - 3.5 stars

Reading Chronicle:

The Newbury Nando's has got 186 reviews on Tripadvisor which all rate the food and service highly.

One person said: "Regularly attend this Nando’s and have had many take-outs too. Food is always good and staff are pleasant. Clean toilets and have seen them deep cleaning the restaurant regularly."

Another added: "Good butterfly chicken (mu usual choice) however seemed to be topped with something rather hot that it had never been previously. Not an issue as I always remove the skin. Good serving of rice and salad and our usual refill soft drinks."