LOCKDOWN has brought out the very best in some people; from singers bringing communities together over a song to kind volunteers delivering goods to the vulnerable.

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We have picked five of the heartwarming videos we have recently reported on from across Reading, which show people spreading some happiness and kindness during this scary time for the world.

These are sure to bring a smile to your face - so watch and enjoy.

1. Tilehurst singer performs festival to street

Reading Chronicle:

We can't get enough of this one - talented performer Kev Thorner brightened up a Tilehurst street - Armour Road - as he treated his neighbours to some classic songs last week.

For the full story and video, click here.

2. Reading FC defender Tom McIntyre urges people to follow lockdown rules

Reading Chronicle:

Football fans will be missing the game right now, but Reading FC have been spreading messages of appreciation and hope.

Young defender Tom McIntyre recorded a video messaging thanking NHS workers and giving tips on getting through lockdown.

Click here to watch the video.

3.Reading FC captain Liam Moore rings family to give them support during coronavirus lockdown

Reading Chronicle:

Sticking with the football theme, we think everyone will appreciate this video.

A pair of football fans cried after receiving a surprise call from Reading FC captain Liam Moore.

Chloe Knight felt it was the "best day of her life" when the football captain rang her dad Steven on Saturday, April 11, to wish him well during the coronavirus lockdown.

Following the death of their loving grandad Michael, Liam Moore decided to give Steven a phone call to see how he is doing.

Watch the tear-jerking moment here.

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4. University of Reading donates webcams to help patients and doctors during COVID-19 crisis

Reading Chronicle:

COVID-19 patients will be able to speak to their families more easily, and clinicians provide care safely, after the University of Reading gave 100 webcams to two hospitals.

In the video, we can see Univeristy of Reading staff member Mark Collett smiling as he drops off the webcams to the hospital.

5. Disabled woman from Earley raises charity funds in 26-step triumph

Reading Chronicle:

Dani Watts, 31, took the 26 steps on Thursday, April 23, despite being paralysed from the waist down -to raise funds for the RFU Injured Players Foundation.

This comes after it was announced the London Marathon was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak, with her original plans to take part with her fiancé, both using day wheelchairs.

Watch the moving moment here.