A PAIR of diehard football fans cried after receiving a surprise call from Reading FC captain Liam Moore.

Chloe Knight felt it was the "best day of her life" when the football captain rang her dad Steven on Saturday, April 11, to wish him well during the coronavirus lockdown.

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Following the death of their loving grandad Michael, Liam Moore decided to give Steven a surprise phone call to see how he is doing.

His daughter Chloe said: "We were just sat in the garden and had just finished dinner when I told Dad to wait for a call from a private number.

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"As soon as heard Liam was on the phone he got very overwhelmed. The captain was just amazing and the fact it was about my grandad meant he got a bit upset.

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"We didn't want sympathy from the football team, Liam didn't have to do that and call people on twitter but he wanted to and it is just such a nice thing.

Reading Chronicle:

"We are massive fans of Reading FC, I have three shirts, teddies and we have membership cards and go to their matches often. We took my grandad to one last match on January 23 with my auntie and uncle and he loved it. So to have Liam Moore call us would have meant a lot to my grandad to and it it honours him."

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Originally, Liam Moore posted a call-out on Twitter to say he would be giving away phone calls to cheer people up during the coronavirus lockdown over the Bank Holiday Weekend.

Chloe's best friend Jack messaged him privately and explained how the family deserve a call after the passing of their grandad.

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Jack then contacted Chloe and told her the good news that Liam Moore would be calling Steven's mobile the following day.

The 16-year-old added: "When I was told that Liam Moore would be calling us I jumped up and down in the garden. We have been massive fans of Reading ever since I was young so it was just amazing to hear that."