REALITY TV stars, Jen and Rob, have revealed what it was like during the tense final of BBC Two’s Race Across the World.

The married couple, from Reading, have been on our TV screens for the past few weeks taking part in the reality show, Race Across the World.

The show saw five pairs battling it out to travel from the top to bottom of Latin America: from Mexico City to the most southernly city in the world, Ushuaia in Argentina without catching a flight and with only the cash equivalent of a one-way airfare.

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The tense finale aired on Sunday evening and saw Jen and Rob pipped to the post by uncle and nephew duo, Emon and Jamiul who won by a mere 20 seconds after 54 days of racing.

Both teams travelled on the same bus to the foot of the mountain they had to climb to reach their final checkpoint.

Rob said: “On the bus we kind of knew ah goodness this is coming down to a race over who is fitter.”

He added: “We kind of knew we probably didn’t have it in the bag when we’re racing up a mountain against a gymnast and an Everest climber.”

Jen described the final hurdle as “such a wide range of emotions”.

She said she felt “hopeful” and thought to herself “we have got a chance to win this”.

However, when the couple saw the boys at the bus station without their bags she thought “oh no, now I don’t know if we can”.

She added: “Then Jamiul actually sprinted past me and that’s when obviously the clothes came off and the bag went in the dyke and again that was then pure terror.”

The winners won a £20,000 prize and have decided to donate half of this to help homeless children in Brazil.

Rob said: “It couldn’t have been won by a more deserving pair.

“The boys are great, and you can tell how generous and kind they are.

“It is pretty amazing what they’re planning to do with their money. Good on them.”

Jen added: “The best men won categorically.

“We are so proud of them.”

Since the show, Rob said the pair has been “inundated with messages of support” which Jen has described as “wonderful”.

She explained one question that keeps arising is whether she got her yellow coat back.

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She said: “I have actually done a post on Instagram and it’s a video of me putting the yellow coat back on” to confirm she still has it at home.

Taking part in the show has made the couple’s relationship stronger and Jen revealed “it’s like a different marriage” now they are home.

She explained “we have overcome some huge obstacles” and feels there is nothing the couple can’t overcome.

Rob added they are in daily contact with the other contestants.

He said: “It’s just an experience that bonds us together. We will be friends for life now, all of us.”

The reunion episode, Race Across the World: Revealed, will air Sunday, May, 3, 8pm on BBC Two and the whole series is available to catch up on iPlayer now.