AS Reading's streets continue seem more and deserted, police are still reminding residents to follow government instructions.

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Despite posting pictures of empty places at the heart of Reading which are using bustling and thanking people for staying at home, Thames Valley Police reported that people still gathered outdoors during the sunny weather this weekend.

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On April 3, TVP Reading posted that road checks found a lot of people were travelling.

"T/Chief Inspector Ash Smith out on patrol with officers today, completing a road check along the Oxford Road in Reading, to make sure that the public is listening and adhering to the government's advice.

"Quite a few vehicles out and about."

The Cunning Man pub in Burghfield have also had to take to social media to plea with visitors to stop using the property for meet ups.

A post on the pub's Facebook page from Sunday, April 5, said: "Unfortunately, today we have had people continue to use our property to drink beers, and socialise in groups.

"I have had to ask over 25 people to leave our garden and car park (as this is being posted people are using benches used as the barrior to drink with a cool bag of alcohol).

"We have left the gate open for people to access the canal and gaps in the barrier for cyclist.

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"We will have to make the access to the waterside impassable if the use of the property does not stop.

"Our intention has always been to allow walkers and cyclist to use our property as a way of accessing the walk. "Signs clearly displayed at every entrance asks people not to stop here.

"Please take notice of the government instructions. Thank you."

Meanwhile, the majority of locals said in a Reading Chronicle poll that too many people are out and about unnecessarily.

The government warned during the weekend that tougher measures could be imposed if people continue to ignore lockdown rules.