EVER wondered what the most common reported crime in Reading is?

We have delved into crime figures in the town to see what the top five most-reported crimes were in the last year, and the answers may surprise you.

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Stat website Plumplot has provided figures from March 2019 - February 2020 only, and according to these statistics, bike theft is by far the most reported incident.

Reading Chronicle:

According to the website, 32.6 per cent of all reported crime in the year was related to bike thefts.

The category was the highest ranking crime category when crime rate is compared to the national average.

"Bicycle theft crime" rate is at 135 per cent of the national crime rate, which puts Reading on 22nd position out of 104 England's and Wales' postcode areas in this crime category.

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Reading Chronicle:

And here are the top 5 most reported crimes in Reading between March 2019 - February 2020

  1. Bike thefts: 32.6 per cent
  2. Criminal damage and arson: 10.8 per cent
  3. Other theft: 8.6 per cent
  4. Possession of weapons: 7.9 per cent
  5. Burglary: 6.4 per cent

Reading Chronicle:

Data in this article has come from website Plumplot.