Neighbours have demanded the council abandon a proposal to introduce parking permits that will ‘take bread from children’s mouths’ on a deprived estate.

Most residents on the Hexham Road Estate, which is in Whitley but in Reading Borough Council’s (RBC) Redlands ward, have opposed the plans.

89 people signing a petition to scrap it and around 64 per cent of residents on the estate say they do not want the permit to be introduced.

Sylvia Hamilton, who lives at the Hexham Road Estate and started the petition, called the proposal “tantamount to taking bread out of children’s mouths”.

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Ms Hamilton said: “The vast majority of Hexham Road Estate residents are impoverished, unprivileged and disadvantaged.

“The fortunate few who use cars do so to support the elderly and infirm, take children to schools and carry out other family duties.

“The current proposal will put an unfair and unequivocal financial burden on those on the estate attempting to improve their lives.”

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She said the quality of food families can afford, affordability of rent and ability to keep up with gas and electricity payments will be affected, “plunging already needy and disadvantaged families into even further deprivation”.

“The cost of recovering unpaid rent will ultimately fall to RBC, thus incurring further unwanted costs and time”, said Ms Hamilton.

“Recovering unpaid utility bills through the magistrates court will have the same effect.”

The cost of the permits would be £40 for a first permit and £150 for a second.

The permit does not guarantee a parking space outside the permit holder’s property, nor does it guarantee that a parking space will be available.

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Ms Hamilton added: “To some here this might not sound like a lot of money but if you come to the Hexham Road Estate you will see that it is a significant amount to the vast majority.”

Whitley is the most deprived area in Reading.

The Hexham Road estate has 62 per cent social housing, with the majority of households renting from the council.

The council has carried out consultations on whether to introduce the parking permit in several areas across the borough in September and October.

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Labour councillor David Absolom, a Redlands ward councillor, said he wants the council to scrap plans for the scheme on the Hexham Road Estate.

He said: “I am very familiar with much of what you said about the deprivation, difficulties and challenges of the residents of the estate.

“The initial discussions brought about regarding the parking permits was because some people are complaining about parking issues.

“Having initially looked at the statistics you’ll be pleased to hear I will be encouraging this committee not to support a parking permit in Hexham Road Estate.

“About 64 per cent of the residents said they don’t want it.

Cllr Absolom added that the council will need to look at alternative ways to address the parking issues as 51 per cent on the estate say there is a parking problem.