Every candidate has been announced for the by-election in Kentwood ward next month.

The Reading Borough Council (RBC) by-election will take place on December 12 alongside the general election.

A councillor resigned last month triggering the additional election.

The candidates are:

Gary Coster, Lib Dems

Glenn Dennis, Labour

Jenny Rynn, Conservative

Richard Walkem, Green

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People in Reading will cast their vote for general election candidates vying to be MP for Reading West and Reading East.

Those in Kentwood ward will also vote for a new councillor from the above candidates.

Emma Warman, former Conservative councillor for Kentwood, stood down last month after serving her second term as a Reading Borough Council (RBC) member.

She was most recently elected councillor in 2018 alongside councillor Raj Singh in a double election– with Tory councillor Tom Steele having stepped down that year.

This was her second time as councillor, having also served between 2008 and 2012.

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Kentwood ward consists of the northern part of the suburb of Tilehurst, in the west of Reading, south of the River Thames.

The ward is bordered by Mapledurham and Battle wards to the east and Norcot and Tilehurst wards to the south.

Kentwood has been closely-fought by the Conservatives and Labour in recent elections.

Councillor Cllr Singh won the seat from current contender Glenn Dennis by just six votes in 2018.

Cllr Singh kept hold of the ward this year, beating Mr Dennis again – this time by 100 votes.

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Labour councillor Daya Pal Singh beat challengers including Ms Warman to win the seat in 2016.

Voters will decide on December 12 who will join the two Cllr Singhs as the third Kentwood councillor.

Conservative contender Jenny Rynn is a former Kentwood councillor and mayor of Reading.