LABOUR councillors are attempting to stop Chick-Fil-A from ever opening its restaurant again in Reading after claims it is homophobic.

It was revealed that the US fast-food chicken chain will stop trading after opening its first UK store in Reading.

Reading Pride group posted a statement which said: "In conversation with the Oracle, we have been told that Chick-Fil-A will not trade beyond its six month pilot period." 

A total of 14 labour councillors signed the letter, including Cllr Karen Rowland and Deputy Leader Tony Page. 

In an open letter to The Oracle's manager Angy Briggs, labour cllrs said they want to make sure the shopping centre follows through on their commitment to remove the company from ever coming back. 

The letter said: "We want to take this opportunity to make it clear that we do not support these views and we stand in solidarity with the LGBT community and women across the world. We will not tolerate this clucker of an organisation anywhere in our town.

"We are cautiously optimistic to understand that there is progress on behalf of the Oracle to not extend the contract for Chick-fil-A past the 6 month trial period. However, we still have two simple questions for the Oracle team.  

  • Was due diligence carried out on the company’s background and owners?
  • And finally, if the Oracle was aware of the background of this company, why was the decision made to welcome their UK flagship restaurant here?

"We strongly urge the Oracle to follow through on their commitment to remove this company and to put measures in place so that they do not fall victim to another such enterprise in the future.£

The letter also urges other landlords in the town to avoid entering a contract with Chick-Fil-A and ask residents to choose to eat at other restaurants." 

The Oracle has been contacted for a comment.