A VIOLENT man who punched a pregnant woman in the face has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison.

Steven Angliss, 28 from Feltham, Middlesex was sentenced at Reading Crown Court on May 7.

He was found guilty by a unanimous jury of one count of grievous bodily harm for assaulting his victim.

On January 16, Angliss punched a pregnant 29-year-old woman in the face leaving the victim suffering fractures to her left eye socket. 

Specialist investigator Colin Squibb of the Domestic Abuse Investigation Unit based at Newbury police station, said: “This was a callous and unprovoked attack committed by Angliss on a pregnant woman."

The attacker then fled the scene and was on the run for several weeks before being arrested on February 8. 

Angliss was charged the following day. 

The jury heard how the attacker knew the woman was pregnant and proceeded to hurt her.

Specialist investigator Colin Squibb added:“Angliss knew she was pregnant and acted with complete disregard to the safety or wellbeing of the victim or her unborn child.

“After the assault, Angliss refused to face up his crime and went on the run for several weeks before being arrested.

“I believe that this sentence reflects the nature and seriousness of the incident.

“It also serves as a reminder that that all forms of domestic abuse will be robustly and fully investigated and perpetrators made to face the consequences of their actions.”