A BUSINESS networking event was held to provide a space where leaders can gain skills and grow in success.

ScaleUp Berkshire, a specialist support programme for leaders and rapidly growing businesses attended the networking event on February 5.

Peter Fleming, from ScaleUp Berkshire, said: "The objective of these networking events is to provide an exclusive forum for founders of scale-up businesses to share ideas, learn what works and build mutually beneficial relationships with other leaders.

"The first event was great way to kick-off the programme and we are looking forward to further building upon this success."

The Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise (LEP) funded the event and the programme aims to bring together experts to create a 'better connected' environment to help generate further growth.

CEOs and founders of scale-up businesses from across Berkshire attended the event at Henley Business School, including Fantoo, Universal Network Ltd and ComXo.

It is estimated that by increasing the number of scale-ups in Berkshire by 1 per cent, it will add around 4,000 jobs and £912m to the local economy.

Berkshire based scale-up company Redwood Technologies Group has explained how they have benefitted from networking to grow their business into what it is today.

Martin Taylor, director and co-founder of Redwood Technologies Group, said: "We have been based in Berkshire for 25 years.

"In that time we have passed through every stage from start-up micro business, through small to medium and beyond.

"Berkshire has always been a great place for us to scale up and so it was a pleasure to speak with an inspiring group of fellow founders and executives making the same exciting journey in their different business."

The next networking event is due to take place on April 2.