POLICE have been busy making arrests for drink driving and clamping down on drug crimes as part of its Christmas campaign, Operation Holly.

A total of 80 drink driving arrests and 155 drug wipes has been carried out across Hampshire and the Thames Valley, 79 of which were successful. 

The campaign launched on Saturday, December 1 and aims to tackle drunk drivers who get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It has also seen officers carrying out targeted patrols and roadside checks.

Results from the operation show that 71 per cent of drink drivers are male, 49 drink arrests were made in the Thames Valley and 1,413 motorists were breathalysed. 

Thames Valley Police conducted a Morning-after Operation which saw 70 drivers engaged with three arrests made for drink and drug offences, and nine other motoring offences being made.

Temporary Sergeant Paul Blum said: "Our main area of focus this morning was around educating drivers about the risks of drink and drug driving. It was a successful and effective operation, where we had varying motoring demographics."

Up until December 16, results in the Thames Valley show that over half of drug wipe tests were positive with 93 tests being made; the most common days for these arrests are on Fridays and Saturdays.

Roads Safety Sergeant Rob Heard said: We continue to enforce and target drink and drug drivers throughout the month of December. Sadly, we have made more than 150 arrests for drink and drug driving.

“Our message is plain and simple, please don’t take the risk and drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it impairs your driving ability and reactions, the consequences are devastating and your thoughtless actions ruin innocent lives.

Any driver who is stopped due to concerns over their manner of driving, a vehicle defect or is involved in a collision are to be breathalysed.

Drivers who are unfit to drive through being under the influence, drugs or medication can find themselves facing a court appearance and the potential to lose their licence and pay fines.

Sgt Rob Heard added: "Now that the Christmas period is almost upon us, many of us will take the time to celebrate, please plan your journeys, organise taxis’ and consider the reality you maybe over the limit the morning after.

“You can help tackle the issue by reporting to police anyone you know who is drink or drug driving by calling us on 101, texting 077814 80999 or calling Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. If the person is an immediate risk to another we advise calling 999."