To mark the 65th Anniversary of Blue Peter, The Chronicle asked our community to share their stories of how they earned one of the famous badges.

In 1995 Mrs Ellie Osborne, 39, won a Blue Peter badge for placing second in a photography competition, where she used a disposable camera to take a picture of her friend horse jumping.

This was when she was 12, and now Mrs Osbourne is a full-time professional photographer. She also has a book out on Amazon on horse photography!

She still has the badge and T-shirt framed on the wall in her home “as a reminder of how it all started.”

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Ms Rosemary Bowers, 43, from Spencer's Wood won two badges – a blue one and a green one. She received the blue badge for writing a letter to the show explaining how much of a fan she was.

When asked how she received the green one, Rosemary responded: “I got the green one for hating the smell of petrol. I’m still a fan of Blue Peter today.”

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Ms Charly Lester, 40, from Pangbourne, nabbed herself a Blue Peter badge when she was 14 for earning every single girl guide badge.

30 years later, Ms Lester now runs her own ‘badge’ business called Rebel Badge Club. “It’s literally brownie or Cub badges for grown-ups.” She told The Chronicle.

“I sell badge books and badges and run events, including summer camps for adults.”

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Mrs Samantha Rosier told The Chronicle that her son Mr Dexter Rosier, 11, from Woodley has received two Blue Peter badges for his fundraising and charity work.

She said: “He got his first badge in 2021 then the silver this year for his continued efforts in the community.”

Mr Rosier has fundraised through sponsored marathons, sports challenges, and campouts. For his work he received the ‘Silver Blue Peter badge for kindness.’

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