OH dear, what a complete and utter mess.

Yet another defeat for Jaap Stam’s men on Saturday saw Reading fall to 20th in the table and it was no surprise to hear boos at the final whistle.

When Cameron Jerome put Norwich back in front I couldn’t bear to watch any longer.

We looked dejected and Stam himself looked short of options.

I remember wondering whether Stam will be looking over his shoulder, though he later denied he is feeling the pressure.

To be fair to him, Reading fans have always been an unforgiving bunch and they seem to have completely forgotten where Stam and his staff got the team last season.

I’ll be the first to agree with those calling for his head if we go another three or four games without a win.

So when do die-hard supporters of Jaap Stam – like myself – start considering his future?

Stam has huge potential. I can see him taking the reins at a top club in the future, but our form throws into question his Ajax-style approach.

Personally, I think his long-term project for the club will come good. We see far more of the ball than we ever have and still look strong defensively. Our midfield can often control the tempo like no other.

It is our attack and general mentality that is stopping us pushing for promotion.

We lack a sense of urgency, passion, determination, and drive because of a lack of confidence.

We also lack a prolific striker, but then again so do other top teams.

It will be tough to regain that confidence if fans are constantly negative. I understand the frustrations, but we need to back the boys and get behind the team to lift them out of their rut.

The international break is a chance for the team to reflect on what exactly is going wrong.

If we come back after the interval firing on all cylinders like we saw for most of last season, this winless run will be almost completely forgotten.

Let’s do it!