AN ISOLATED man who was not seen for nearly three weeks was found at his home in an 'advanced state of decomposition' after he refused help for his alcohol addiction.

Ian Andrews was last seen alive at the Royal Berkshire Hospital on January 9 after suffering a number of bangs to the head.

It was not until January 26 when police were called to his home on Martin Close that his body was discovered, with flies and an unpleasant smell coming from his lounge.

The 46-year-old lived alone in Woodley and visited the hospital a number of times, complaining of chronic headaches due to alcohol related injuries.

Mr Andrews was known to Woodley Centre Surgery, but in the days before his death he was believed to have attempted to dupe another practice into prescribing additional medication.

Despite the best efforts of the SMART rehabilitation service, he continued to refuse treatment and repeatedly missed appointments.

Officers were also called to the Bosco Lounge on Crockhamwell Road after he was found in a hospital gown, carrying a plastic bottle of cider after he was discharged.

Concerned neighbours contacted the police after he had not been seen for 16 days and attending officers gained access to his home with the help of a locksmith.

Alison McCormick, assistant coroner for Berkshire, concluded Mr Andrews died due to the toxic damage of multiple pain killers in his system, ruling out the possibility of suicide.

She said: "He was last seen alive at the Royal Berkshire Hospital after he was transported from his home by ambulance on the evening of January 8.

"He had a history of drug and alcohol abuse and was in the care of the SMART team, which had unsuccessfully tried to wean him off his habit.

"Shortly before his death he registered with a different surgery in order to obtain more medication.

"Samples from his liver show high concentration of morphine, codeine and diazepam, which when taken concurrently can have fatal consequences."

Members of his family were informed of the inquest at Reading Town Hall on Tuesday, June 13, but declined to attend.