I READ that the poor stressed out students of Reading University have to pet farm animals to de-stress themselves (Chronicle May 4).

De-stress themselves from attending what? Attending the university for a couple of hours each week and then reading for a couple of weeks before exams.

What a joke. It’s the residents who live in the university area that need de-stressing.

I have at least seven (it may be more) of these students living next door to me. A typical day for them is, if they go out drinking the night before, to stay in bed until the early afternoon.

Mornings are usually nice and peaceful then when they get up the noise starts.

Shouting, screaming, clapping banging all doors inside and out, and generally being as loud as possible.

They have just started using the rear garden now so the noise starts early afternoon and goes on to about 11pm or midnight. Barbecues, playing football and general loud drunken behaviour.

Their back garden consists of ‘no parking’ signs, Road work cones and estate agent ‘to let’ signs.

Their front garden consists of dozens of empty beer bottles.

When I go to bed at night I do not have the choice of how many hours sleep I am going to have because the students decide that for me.

When they came in from their drunken nights out between 1am and 3.30am they make sure that we are awoken.

I have written to the vice-chancellor at the university about the problem and also reported these students about six times to the university office that deals with student anti-social behaviour but nothing has been done about it.

If they have been warned then they are taking no notice.Another part of the Chronicle reports students cheating in their exams and being expelled. I am not at all surprised.

T O’Connor 

Address supplied