A DRUG dealer and his two friends brutally attacked two university students unhappy with his product.

On November 8, 2015, Daniel Brown was dealing ecstasy to a number of students at the University of Reading.

One student complained the drugs were having no effect, prompting the 22 year-old dealer to arrange a meet up at Palmer Park at 5am.

When the student and their friend arrived they found Brown accompanied by Braydon Corrigan and Joshua Cruickshank, also 22 years-old.

Reading Chronicle:

An argument broke out in which Corrigan attacked the two students, repeatedly punching them and smashing a beer bottle on their heads.

Two weeks after the attack Cruickshank threatened one of the victims, warning him that he ‘knew where he lived’ and that he should ‘watch out’.

Sentencing at Reading Crown Court on September 6, Judge Stephen John said: “Your expressions of remorse are hollow as you each ran a false alibi and tried to lie your way out of trouble.

“It defies imagination that you, Mr Brown, would behave so stupidly when you had everything going for you at university.”

Mr Greaves, mitigating Mr Brown, explained that he had grown up significantly since the offence and was progressing with a career in engineering.

Brown, from Regis Park Road, Reading, was given a three and a half year prison sentence for making an offer to supply a Class A drug.

Corrigan, from Squirrels Way in Earley, was sentenced to two years imprisonment for two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Cruickshank, from Benson Close in Reading, was handed a 12-month prison term for witness intimidation.

The University of Reading commented: “We welcome these convictions. The University takes drug offences very seriously. We hope these sentences send out a clear message to students that there are very serious consequences for being involved with illegal drugs.

“We continue to work closely with the police to take appropriate action where possible and make our campuses safe for students, staff and visitors.”