A TEENAGER whose mum has terminal cancer shaved his head for charity.

On August 21 crowds gathered in the Chequers Pub in Woodley to watch Jack Illsley go under the clippers.

The 16 year-old opted for the radical new look after his mother Tina found out she has mesothelioma in March, a form of cancer triggered by asbestos exposure.

Since the discovery Jack has been accompanying the 46 year-old to her chemotherapy sessions and, while the diagnosis is terminal, he decided to do more.

"We were waiting to see what the cause of fluid build up was on my mum's lungs," the Piggot School pupil said.

"Sadly me and my family were told that my mum has mesothelioma and has 'a year to live'. I believe my mum will power through this and her chemo.

"Although it is inevitable, my mum is the strongest woman I know and she won't give up without a fight.

"Braving the Shave is one of the little things that go along way in helping those suffering from cancer."

Brave the Shave is an event organised by Macmillan Cancer Support in which people across the country lose their hair and collect donations.

So far Jack has raised £1,250 for the specialist health care charity.

Dad and husband Dean Illsey said: "My wife could have been exposed to asbestos anywhere in her life as it can take from 15 to 50 years to turn into cancer. She is only 47.

"The usual life expectancy is a year for this kind of cancer.

"My self, my mum and Jack's brothers were all there for the shaving. We all watched and cheered along.

"We are all proud of what he has done."

To support Jack and Macmillan Cancer Support, go to www.bravetheshave.macmillan.org.uk/shavers/jack-illsley