AN APPEAL to purchase a specialist wheelchair to help an 11-year-old boy with cerebral palsy has received a huge boost.

Caudwell Children have agreed to provide 80 per cent of funding to help Owen Kew get a new 'sit-to-stand' chair.

Owen, who currently attends Speenhamland Primary School in Newbury, is outgrowing his current chair, which is damaging his hamstrings and causing him to develop a curvature in his spine.

With the majority of the £18,300 taken care of, his mother Helen is hoping the public will be able to help with the final push.

She said: “Owen is a happy and lively young boy who likes socialising. He is like any other youngster, he loves playing outside and he can be a bit cheeky now and then.

“But unless my husband and I can buy him a new powered wheelchair, which is suitable for his everyday needs, he may find it difficult to keep up with his friends.

“The only solution to the current predicament is to buy a new, state-of-the-art, powered wheelchair that would meet his needs for the next 10 years.”

Helen was delighted to discover Caudwell Children were willing to provide the majority of funds with a further £3,050 required to give Owen the chair he needs.

Owen is excited about the possibility of securing a new powerchair and believes it would maintain his freedom and independence as he prepares to start secondary school later this year.

“They have been brilliant and they know how important this piece of equipment is to Owen’s future,” Helen explained.

“It is an awful lot of money but with the community’s support we can make life so much better for Owen.”

Owen added: “I do not want to fall behind with my school work and I miss seeing my friends. A new chair would allow me to concentrate at school as I would be in less pain.

“I would also be able to get out more with my friends and family.”

Visit: or text PEAL49 to 70070 with the amount of money you wish to donate.