PARLIAMENTARY hopeful Judith Bunting has promised to pour £8m into NHS services in Newbury as part of the Liberal Democrat manifesto launch, writes Will Cole.

NHS services and the town's clinical commissioning group (CCG) would receive the extra funding through an extra penny-in-every-pound on income tax nationally.

Promises have also been made to provide a further £30 million for West Berkshire schools by increasing corporation tax, and £8.3 million more for policing in Thames Valley, should Lib Dems come into power on June 8.

Mrs Bunting said: “These plans would build a brighter future for people in Newbury and West Berkshire and reverse Conservative cuts to our schools, hospitals and police."

The Lib Dem manifesto, launched on Thursday, pledges to eliminate the deficite in day-to-day spending and states the party will spend £100 billion on infrastructure nationwide.

The party also promises to hold a second referendum on the negotiated Brexit deal.

Mrs Bunting added: “The Liberal Democrats will stand up to a bad Brexit deal that will cost jobs and put up prices and give you the final say.”