A FAMILY of four were rescued from their home after a carbon monoxide leak last night.

A crew from Wokingham Road rushed to the scene in Concorde Way at around 8.30pm on Friday (March 17), after the homeowners' carbon monoxide alarm starting going off.

Crew manager Kyle Lovell said: "Luckily they had been sensible enough to buy one as they realised they save lives.

"We did a full sweep of the house with our gas masks when we got htere and they were all fine apart from the dad who had had the foresight to ring us and the get the children out early as they were only young.

"He was feeling a bit lightheaded and nauseous.

"We tested them with our carbon monoxide inhalation equipment and their results were low but we called them an ambulance to take them to hospital just in case.

"We isolated the gas leak and shut it off and they should be getting a gas engineer out this morning."