EVERY year hundreds of runners sign up for the Reading Half Marathon, raising funds for a host of good causes.

Last year one of them was Deborah Ngondonga, who helped raise funds to get a young girl a prosthetic leg after a horrifying accident

At just nine-years-old Constance was left without a right leg after being hit by a truck as she travelled to church in her native Zimbabwe.

Dorothy Dix, co-founder of Creating Better Futures, the charity that helped Constance said it's important for people to see the good they do as they released a video of the, now 10-year-old, taking her first steps.

"I think the driver stopped and gave her a small level of compensation.

"We knew something had gone wrong when she wasn't at school because she always enjoyed it.

"The bottom half of her leg had to be amputated straight away because it had become infected.

"We are a very small charity and didn't have the funds to do more.

"Our supporters out there followed her on a journey form home to school and back.

"This little girl was scarred permanently under her arms because she had adult crutches that were too big for her and was using a branch from a tree before that.

"When they came back we did a massive campaign and Deborah said she would run last year's Reading Vitality Half marathon. We raised £2,000 for the prosthetic."

Constance can now walk thanks to the life changing gift.

Creating Better Futures is run by Mrs Dix and her husband Michael. The Gillette Way charity has raised £5,000 to help children in Africa.

Tomorrow thousands of runners will line up for the 2017 half marathon. Stay tuned to readingchronicle.co.uk for all the latest.