HARPER is a one to two-year-old Saluki cross who is a fun girl with a sensitive nature.

She loves people once she knows them and is very sociable with other dogs, but she can be wary in new situations so owners will need to be patient and give her time to settle.

Although she has not shown much interest in playing with toys since being here, we feel once in a new home she may want to play more.

Harper loves her food and this can be used for her training. She also enjoys playing with other dogs and loves chase games with them. However, if another dog does not want to play she will happily potter around by herself.

Harper could live with a similar dog to her who will be a playmate. She is also looking for owners who have a knowledge and understanding of sighthounds and their traits.

If you would like to find out more on rehoming Harper, please call Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Old Windsor, on 0843 509 4444.