MANY would probably squirm at the thought of just talking about their bad dating experiences let alone having them played out to a packed theatre, but that’s exactly what one Liverpool lass is doing as the writer and star of a new show.

Claire Sweeney, the Merseyside girl known for her roles in TV soaps Brookside, Clocking Off and Candy Cabs, is spreading her stories of dating woe across the whole country on the tour of her new comedy – Sex In Suburbia.

Although not quite as glamorous as the tales of Carrie and co in Sex And The City, the stories of boyfriends in dresses and football-mad partners is sure to strike a cord with plenty of women – and men – when the show comes to Bracknell’s South Hill Park this April.

After sitting down with friend Mandy Muden, Claire realised that the hilarious exploits from her group of friends were worthy of a wider audience and decided to set about writing them into a script for the stage.

Speaking about her inspiration, Claire said: “It’s all about bad dating and things that go wrong on them and we based it on me and my friends’ experiences. I’ve had so many bad dates! For example, one of my friends came home once to find her boyfriend dancing around in her rah-rah dress.

“I found writing the bad dates down as liberating. I’ve changed the names and places but a few of the dates are based on my real dating experiences. I thought they were funny and I’m glad all the women who saw them in the show thought so too. You have to laugh in the face of adversity, don’t you? At first you go, ‘Woe is me’ but then you turn it into a funny story and laugh.”

The show went down a storm when it premiered in Liverpool and after ‘de-scousing’ some of the references, Claire says the show has been a hit with audiences so far.

“It’s been amazing. We have been getting standing ovations and five-star reviews. It’s fantastic,” Claire said.

“It’s not just for women either, we thought there would be some men, but we’ve found when men are coming with their wives or girlfriends they’re coming back again and bringing along a group of mates instead! It really does appeal to everyone because everyone can relate.”

The story follows the leading agony aunt hosting a late-night radio show taking calls from listeners about their dates from hell and dishes out her advice. Claire takes on the starring role as working mum – a relationship expert, with a baby. Her character was updated after Claire herself gave birth to a baby boy, Jaxon, in September.

The audience can even walk away with an Ann Summer’s goodie bag – but only if they’re brave enough to get up on stage and share a story about themselves.

Sex In Suburbia will come to the South Hill Park Arts Centre on Tuesday, April 21 with over 16 recommended age.

For tickets and more information or call 01344 484123.

Louise Hill