IF, like me, you were gripped to Alun Cochrane’s Fun House series for Radio 4 then you will already think you know all you really need to know about him.

The comedian delivered a masterclass in how to turn every day life into a hilarious, side splitting – and in my case almost lane swerving on the M4 which is where I always found myself at 6.30pm listening to the comedy half hour on the radio – laugh-out-loud show.

If anyone can make talking about that weird shelf thing some people have across their bath where you have a little tray for the soap funny then they have to be good.

And so when I talked to Alun about his upcoming tour of his new show Me Neither which comes to Norden Farm on Thursday, February 5, I wanted to know just that. How do you make that weird shelf thing that some people have across their bath funny?

For starters he put me straight on what it is called...a bath rack. “I really like stand up that is sort of about how we live,” explains Yorkshireman Alun.

With his dulcet tones now regularly heard on panel shows and radio programmes, Alun’s delivery and jokes seem like it takes not effort at all and just a stream of his thought and views on things normal and every day.

“The hardest thing about effortless jokes is how much effort it takes,” he replies.

But it is just the effortless effect he seems to portray that makes him so likeable and as Alun says, he’s not just in it for the laughs.

“I want people to see my stand up or hear it and feel relaxed. There are some comics who take pleasure in making people feel uncomfortable. Mine is inclusive. Stand up can be about anything, I just happen to like talking about what we get up to on earth.”

Alun is the co-host of Absolute Radio’s The Frank Skinner radio show and has hosted his own BBC Radio 4 series Alun Cochrane’s Fun House. He can currently be seen on screen alongside Chris Addison in Try Again on Sky Living. He has also appeared on BBC2’s Mock the Week and Channel 4’s 8 Out of 10 Cats.

Me Neither achieved a sell out run at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014 and takes the audience on flights of fancy through the day-to-day world. Alun finds comedy in every part of his life, from his mortgage to his clothes, and travelling on trains to watching football.

Alun Cochrane is at Norden Farm on Thursday February 5 at 8pm. Tickets are £12 on 01628 788997 or online at https://norden.farm/events/alun-cochrane-me-neither

Rebecca Curley