THE IDENTITY of a mysterious author set to publish his fifth book on footballers' antics behind the scenes is believed to be a former Reading FC striker, it has been revealed.

'The Secret Footballer' is a series of books which talks about what players get up to when they are off the pitch, including hotel romps and booze binges.

A fifth book is set to hit the shelves, titled 'What goes on tour', and fans have revealed who they believe to be behind the collection.

The writer's identity has been kept secret since he first appeared in a national newspaper column, but fans now believe the books are written by Reading FC legend Dave Kitson.

One story tells the tale of a footballer who engaged in sexual intercourse with a housekeeper at hotel, believed to have been former a Reading FC teammate while the team were on a pre-season visit to Sweden.

After piecing together clues from within the books, people have believed for some time that there is enough information to unmask the former frontman as the writer.

Reading Chronicle:

Dave Kitson celebrates scoring for Reading FC

The claims resurfaced today following the announcement of the new book.

Matt Lynch posted on Twitter: “Pretty sure the world and his wife are aware that this is most likely that said ‘secret footballer’ is Dave Kitson.”

Arthur Bar added: “I thought everyone had known for ages that Dave Kitson is the Secret Footballer?”

Kitson, now 38, scored 62 goals in 158 appearances across two spells for the Royals.

He scored the club's first ever Premier League goal in the 3-2 win against Middlesbrough at Madejski Stadium in 2006.

Reading FC were contacted for a comment but chose not to provide a statement.