Former Wycombe Wanderers chief Rob Couhig is reportedly 'closing in' on a deal to take over at Reading, just four months on from controversially attempting to purchase the Royals' training ground for the Buckinghamshire neighbours.

Leaving supporters in two minds over the 75-year-old American, The Reading Chronicle has spoken to supporters and experts at Adams Park on what to expect should the lawyer rock up at the SCL Stadium.

Insight from Wycombe Wanderers correspondent for Bucks Free Press, James Richings.

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What is Rob Couhig's ownership style?

"When the Couhig’s came in, nobody knew too much about them. The thing they did that won people over was that they were active, seen and getting involved with the fans. They didn’t know much about English football, they looked at it as a business venture, but they would be with the fans and mingle outside of games. They took a lot of what the fans on board.

"He wants people he can trust on his side, and he is brutally honest- to the point where he doesn’t care if it upsets your feelings. You have to deal with it, whether you like it or not. He’ll be very transparent with the Reading fans because he was very transparent with the Wycombe fans. It seemed to work because in five years he took us to three Wembley finals and a promotion to the Championship. For a club like Wycombe, you can only dream of that, and he made it a reality."

Could Rob Couhig's style transfer to Reading?

"Reading are a much bigger club than Wycombe- that goes without saying- but I think he just wants to put the financial stability back in the club. The situation with Wycombe and Reading is completely different- Wycombe needed someone to steady the ship because they were just keeping their heads above water, Reading are a sinking ship.

"The circumstances are different, but he wants people on his side that he can trust. He has no reason to get involved at Reading, he could stay in America and see out the rest of his days, but he wants to help the club. He has the best interests for Reading, otherwise he wouldn’t have got involved."

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What was the youth policy like under Rob Couhig?

"Wycombe had an Academy but that stopped under the previous ownership due to the lack of funds, so for eight years they didn’t have an Academy or development team. In 2019/20, they didn’t have a lot of players and they noticed Gareth Ainsworth was involved in the squad to make up the numbers.

"Rob Couhig said they couldn’t have that if they were to progress, and they launched a development team. That led to the findings of Anis Mehmeti, Chris Forino and Al Al-Hamadi. They wanted young players who were rejected at previous clubs and gave them second chances."

What is the policy of the women's side under Rob Couhig?

"When I started covering Wycombe it was unknown but in 2022, they really pushed it and there was lots with Wycombe Women. They occasionally had a game at Adams Park- they currently groundshare at Burnham- and slowly but surely, they are improving, and fans are going to games. He wants the club to succeed at every level possible."

How should Rob Couhig approach 'Bearwood-gate'?

"If I were Rob, I’d nip it in the bud and say it how it is right from the start. You don’t want it to linger. From a Reading perspective, it must have been awful to hear that news but from a Wycombe perspective, it was an opportunity. There were so many layers to that saga.

"Now, it is done and dusted. Wycombe have a new training ground in Harlington and now it’s in the past. Up until this season there was no big rivalry other than the distance so I think Rob Couhig should mention Bearwood at the start, explain what happened and focus on making Reading the force that they once were."