It has been yet another busy week in the world of Reading Football Club, but supporters are no closer to the dream of a Dai Yongge exit before the season starts.

The Reading Chronicle have pledged to round up all takeover news weekly with the hope that a change of ownership comes sooner rather than later.

Yet to hear back from former CEO Nigel Howe when it comes to a sit-down interview, and with the man tasked with selling the club yet to update Supporters Trust at Reading, there appears to be a dearth of news or progress.

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This comes in the same week as the confirmation that the women's set-up is being dropped to an amateur level in the fifth tier and the women's academy, providing football for hundreds of girls in Berkshire, is to close.

Players past and present have hit out at the decision, with a potential interested party partly to blame for a last-ditch deal, which would have saved the women, collapsing.

However, there could be a 'glimmer of hope' for supporters as the football club has been settling loans, according to Companies House.

This week alone, the Royals have settled a mortgage loan with Barclays from 2014 and a legal charge from Arborfield Garrison.

Football finance expert, Kieran Maguire, said: "A glimmer of hope for Reading fans. Still no sign of overdue accounts (Boo!) but Club has settled a mortgage loan with Barclays that was signed in 2014. This *might* mean tidying up paperwork with a view to making progress on the club sale…or it might not."

As alluded to by Maguire, the club accounts are overdue. Already 'exploiting' a loop hole to push back publication to June 30, they have still not been submitted.

This will land the club a fine and means they are the only team in 'the 92' yet to publish their financial figures.