Reading legend Jem Karacan has admitted that he had 'doubted' the club at times last season, but labelled the job done by manager Ruben Selles as 'incredible.'

Combative midfielder Karacan rose through the Academy ranks to make nearly 200 appearances between 2007 and 2015, winning the Championship in 2012.

Retiring at 32 after suffering multiple long-term injuries throughout his career, the Turkey international is now a football agent and watching Reading occasionally on pundit duty for BBC Radio Berkshire.

Last covering the club during their 5-2 defeat to Bolton Wanderers on Easter Monday, Karacan has admitted that he needed to be won around at times last season.

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The club, finishing in their lowest league finish since 1989, battled numerous off-field issues and EFL punishments to haul themselves away from relegation danger in League One.

Speaking exclusively to the Reading Chronicle, Karacan said: "To a certain extent Ruben was an unknown quantity. This season was tough, especially those first few months, creating a squad that could challenge. A lot of it is building that culture in the team and the demands that people put on each other.

"It would be very easy for the lads to use what was going on at the club as an excuse for performances on the pitch and obviously, performances at start season weren't great but you the club has been through so much change on the pitch, and I think over the course of the season it started to get a bit stability. We started to look at Reading fixtures on the Saturday and thought they were going to win, when you're looking at those fixtures at the start of the season, we thought we were going to struggle. I think that in itself summed up what a good job Ruben did, and Brian Carey did, in creating that team because it's so hard for him.

"Day in and day out you're dealing with ‘what's going on’ and everyone's not sure what's happening at the club, but what an incredible job at the end of the day to keep the club in the league and do it easily. I doubted what was going on at times, but the proof is in the pudding, and you just have to look back at what a top job he did.

"Hopefully, this season coming up there's no reason why, with a few good additions to the team and that culture, there's no reason why they can't kick on again this season."

Now in the agency business, Karacan is entering a busy few months with the summer transfer window in full swing.

The Royals, currently unable to participate in the window until progress is made with any potential takeover, have already had to fend off interest to try and keep their star players.

Karacan believes this could prove a struggle, but is confident that the club's recruitment team will have a plan up their sleeve.

"Being on this side of the fence, you have to be so proactive with the transfers and making clubs aware of your situations," he commented. "You just have to make sure you do the best job for your player. A lot of comes from the situation at the club. The top free transfers go and then you’re looking at what's next, going down your list for targets. It's not ideal but with the recruitment that the club do and Brian- who is incredible at his job- they're going have that you set up of what they want and what they need.

"I think a lot of transfers in the last few years have had a lot of money spent on them and haven't been the right fit for the club but you’re starting to see the boys that are coming in have that affinity to the place and love the place. on the flip side, with how well the season finished for the club, there's going to be people looking at Reading players- which you started to see."