Reading legend Steve Sidwell and his wife Krystell candidly reminisced about their time as a young family in Berkshire on a podcast appearance.

Sidwell arrived at the club from Arsenal in 2003 and made nearly 200 appearances for the club as Steve Coppell took the Royals to the heights of eighth in the Premier League.

At this time, the club was firmly rooted in the community and the families of the players were behind the 'Royals' Families' charity which supported local causes.

This was seen on the latest episode of The Therapy Crouch, a podcast hosted by former England striker Peter Crouch and model wife Abbey.

Speaking about their time with Reading, in which they had their first son, Krystell said: "I had Harry just before I was 23 and we were at Reading at the time. Thankfully, at that club, the players and families were really close because I was on my own and really young when I had him. We didn’t know what we were doing, but he literally came everywhere with us. If we had dinner, he would come. At a game, he’d come- midweek games he would be zipped up in my jacket. We used to pass him down the line to fans who would ask if they could hold him- he’d go 20 fans down. It was really really nice.

"The year we were promoted we were sat in the Lower West and Sids ran along asking for the baby. He got passed down about 30 seats, he was only three months old, and the steward passed him over to Sid. It was really cute. and that time was effortless parenting. When they’re teenagers it is much harder."

This feels like a far cry from the current set-up, where the family feel had diminished in recent years.

Yazmine Delarose, the partner midfielder Lewis Wing, catapulted to cult status amongst supporters for speaking out against owner Dai Yongge and the EFL on social media.

On a podcast with Elm Park Royals, Ms Delarose admitted that the families do not have much contact with each other, partly due to the wide age ranges of players in the camp.