Football finance expert Kieran Maguire has encouraged potential new Reading owners to 'engage with the fanbase' once any deal is done.

Controversial owner Dai Yongge signed exclusivity with an unnamed party last month, with the process expected to take two months- which would conclude this month.

Maguire, a football finance lecturer at Liverpool University and co-host of the award-winning Price of Football podcast, spoke to BBC Radio Berkshire on Monday morning to discuss the future.

Reading Chronicle:

“I think it’s up to them to change the culture at the club and I’d very much encourage them to engage with the fanbase," Maguire said when asked about the future. "We’ve had such an arms-length relationship between the current ownership and fanbase, which has led to such a degree of dissatisfaction, so there are simple wins.

“You want to see a commitment to investment and that investment will come in the form of infrastructure and most of all, what’s going on on the pitch. If the owner says we’re going to have a director of football and a chief executive with experience and work alongside the coach to invest, then things can look more positive and there’s no reason why Reading can’t be in contention for promotion and the play-offs next season.”

Due to non-disclosure agreements, very little information is available on the status of the process.

Supporters Trust at Reading [STAR] receive regular updates from former CEO Nigel Howe, whose last update said: "The buyers have lent the club money to cover this months wages and HMRC. They now have the remaining time left of the exclusivity period to complete the deal."