Reading boss Ruben Selles has sat on the fence of the FA Cup replay debate which is currently raging throughout the world of football.

Clubs and supporters are outraged as the FA have announced plans to scrap replays from round one onwards, a tradition of the prestigious competition which allows smaller clubs the opportunity to increase income and make memories against big clubs.

The EFL have spoken out, along with it's clubs, as it is reported a decision was made without due consultation.

Despite the polarising views, the Royals boss can see both arguments.

"I don’t have much to say," the Spaniard told the media. "I know it’s a tradition for you in England and the replay has always been there- I think that is fair. I think also for the first time in a long time the organisers are sensible with players playing a lot of matches and trying to reduce the calendar. You can go both ways. I understand both parts and will play what I need to play.

"I sympathise with the small clubs that can have their replay and it’s a fair point about having the season (financially) solved. But I also think we talk about not taking into consideration players and the amount of games they play but I think for the first time in a long time somebody is showing that. It should not be a competition or the other, it should be a big calendar for everyone. You have points to defend one or the other."

Reading lost to non-league Eastleigh in round one of the FA Cup this season, the earliest stage for over two decades.