Staffordshire Police have commented on the reasons behind Burton Albion's decision to ban inflatables for Reading's traditional final away game on Saturday.

For over 15 years, Royals supporters have celebrated, or even commiserated, the ending of a long campaign by throwing around blow-up items for their final away match of the season.

Last year, over 1,000 supporters traipsed up to Huddersfield Town, despite already being relegated, with their inflatables in tow.

1,700 tickets were snapped up for the away end at the Pirelli Stadium as the Royals look to celebrate League One safety after a tumultuous season.

However, Reading supporters were disappointed to find out earlier in the week that they would not be able to partake in the usual traditions.

Burton Albion Police, the official social media account of the Staffordshire Police Force looking after the Brewers' matches, commented: "Reading fans attending Burton Albion on Saturday, the decision has been made that inflatables will not be allowed into the stadium so please save your money and time and don't bring them.

"It's a decision the club has made around safety, football-related offences with them being thrown and then the disposal of them. Just trying to get the word out to save unnecessary delays, spending or worse being refused entry or ejected."

Luton Town attempted a similar act on the final day in 2021, but were unable to prevent hundreds of inflatable toys from making their way inside Kenilworth Road.

Back in 2017, Reading celebrated reaching the play-offs with a final day at Burton Albion and took hordes of inflatables to the East Midlands.