Reading boss Ruben Selles labelled Bolton Wanderers 'one of the best we played against' following his side's 5-2 defeat at the Toughsheet Community Stadium.

Take a look at the Spaniard's reaction below.

Ruben Selles on the defeat

"We played against a really good team, one of the best we played against in the league, and it was difficult. We tried to have our identity, pressing forward. We missed a couple of moments of pressure in the first half. With 1-0 we were able to come back to the game. The penalty, just before half-time, put the momentum in their side and not ours. In the second half we changed a bit, being a bit more aggressive, and we played a good game in the first 20-25 minutes. The third goal was perhaps too early, but we were persisting. The fourth one killed the game, and we need to analyse the final part of the game- being more robust.

Ruben Selles on question of fatigue

"Not physical tiredness, I don’t think that was the question. We have been there before at Christmas, games every three days. It can be a factor perhaps in one or two players, we have to analyse that, but I would not say that especially after the win at the weekend at home. We were coming here with a fresh mind. I will try and go a little deeper than fatigue.

Ruben Selles on substitutions

"Andy had two games out with the red card. Clinton and Jeriel did a good one so there was no reason for a change there. Paul has been training well but Kelvin has been making an impact in the same way. Everyone is working really hard to get a spot in the line-up or make an impact with their energy. The plan was to have an equal game and in the second part of the game reenergise and go for it. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to keep it that close."